Friday, July 22, 2016

July 21st

Because of Road Closures we had to return to Charters Towers instead of travelling south via the Burdekin Falls on Lake Dalrymple. There were a few items to catch up on before heading south. One of these was to do some washing.... Combined with the Car Wash depot we found a DRIVE THRU Laundrette. It was spotlessly clean so I did a large load of washing which cost me 5 X $1 coins. I have never seen a 'Drive Thru'  Laundrette before.

As we crossed the Burdekin River we found the most amazing FLOOD MARKER. It went back many years. The highest flood recorded was in 1946 which was metres deep

Clermont is 365 kms south of Charters Towers. The bitumen road was very rough but the scenery was green and attractive with wattles, another type of silver leaved eucalypt and the very attractive bloodwood trees with orange trunks. Its common name is Yellow Jacket.

We crossed the Belyando River which was swirling along in flood. From this point we watched out for a camp site. Sides of the road were extremely wet and there were very few places to pull off the road. Eventually we turned into a road which goes through a station property but is a public road. The space was gravel, dry and quite level. Most roads have Rest Areas which do provide opportunities to camp but this road does not offer such areas.

The last glow of the sun

A wonderful sky this evening..first with the setting sun and soft colours then soon afterwards the moon came up brilliant in red colour which soon changed to gold..nearly a full moon I think.

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