Friday, July 15, 2016

July 14th.,15th and 16th Cobbold Gorge on Robinhood Station 

There were rain showers overnight. This rain continued all day as we drove on the Kennedy Highway which was quite a mountainous drive through low cloud. Wild orange grevillea lined the roadway in many places along with wattle and a cream grevillea. A very pretty avenue!
During the day we saw yet another Pheasant Coucal, a Scaly Breasted Lorikeet and a beautiful White Cheeked Honeyeater. A short walk through a Dry Rainforest at lunch time was the only time we took out from travelling.

White Cheeked Honeyeater
It was a long way to Cobold Gorge and it was well after 4.00pm when we arrived. Geoff had booked a campsite for us. We settled in to a very wet evening. John and I have visited this Tourist Park in 2002 and 2007. It has been developed and improved and has become much, much more well known and popular. We have yet to explore some of the new facilities. It has been raining so heavily that roads and tours could be cancelled.

Friday 15th The day was still wet. Rain had been falling all night with a total of 60mls for the 24 hours. This is a lot of water, but amazingly, it had drained away to a large extent. We spent the day in and around EC and the Cobold Gorge camping park, doing computer work and a little stitching and reading. The rain cleared somewhat by evening time so we were able to explore some of the newly developed area. We have been due for a few days rest in the same place so this is great to have 3 nights here, especially if the weather fines up.
People are being warned not to travel on the roads because they are very slippery. The roads have not been CLOSED so there are still some rigs coming in. They are all very muddy.
Grevillea in Cobbold Resort garden
Saturday 16th was cloudy but cleared into a warm day. We were booked to go on the Tour to go up the Cobbold Gorge.. The track out goes through the Robinson River which has had a minor flood through it in the last few fact several Gorge tours had to be cancelled because of this flood. Luckily we were able to take part today. The small bus took us through Robinson River and out to Cobbold creek where we went in a narrow boat up the spectacular Gorge. The boat is powered by Solar electricity so is very quiet. The silence adds to the mystery of the trip. The sandstone rock formations are spectacular and quite amazing.  Even though John and I have been up the Gorge twice before we enjoyed this repeat trip. The tour has actually been extended to include an interesting walk through the bush and along the top of the gorge. There was an opportunity to look over and into the Gorge. This would have been too close for my comfort but some people looked over the edge. Luckily we had booked at the restaurant for dinner as we were quite late back to camp.
 Since we were here 9 years ago there has been a lot of improvements to the resort. There has been a about 20 cabins installed as well as more camping type options. Out at the gorge there has been a large shelter shed built with display boards and toilet facilities
The end of our boat ride up the Gorge

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