Friday, July 15, 2016

July 11th
Water Lillies
What was the highlight to day??  The very rough road after Dunbar Station, I think.  It seemed to be  along day but we only travelled about 170 km with an hours break for lunch. We found a magnificently long water hole with masses of water lilies. It was certainly a very warm so we found a suitable camp site before 3.00 pm.

One of the main points of interest was the passing of a Road Train followed by 4 semi trailers. John was able to speak to the drivers via our radio on Chanel 40. This was a great help as they kept well to the left to allow us to pass. Actually it was surprising the number of cars we met as well as the number that passed us on the road.

We came through Dunbar Station which was quite a large complex of buildings, yards and a very nice looking ‘Queenslander’ style home which was double story with lawns and greenery around it. To live out here in a comfortable manner you would need a well cared for home and garden.

I am not knowledgeable enough to know which grasses are best for fattening cattle. There was one particular area which was lush and green. The fat cattle were standing up to their bellies in this long grass. Trees appeared to be different with some beautiful wattles in bloom. John has identified a new gum tree in this bush. He thinks it is Gilbert Box.

All the way through North Queensland and Far North Queensland there are nests built by termites. Generally they are sharp and spiky although some are more rounded. There are very small ones and very tall ones, some feature buttress style wings. The colour of these nests change from the vivid red/orange ones we saw today through a whole range of colours..grey, brown and tan dark brown/grey.
Crossing the Mitchell River Causeway
This evening we have camped near the Mitchell River where there is low crossing with water flowing over it. There was large Egret standing in the water when we drove over..watching for fish I am sure. On the other side of the river there is a huge sandy beach area which must become flooded. The Mitchell River itself is wide and swift flowing. As we came to this crossing there was a prominent notice warning of crocodiles..sadly no incentive to have a dip in the cool waters on this very hot evening. 

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