Friday, July 29, 2016

July 29th

 Takarakka Bush Resort was such a lovely place to stay. I felt quite sad to be leaving. We are all revelling in the warm weather but we must slowly move south pretending we are going home. The evenings and mornings are certainly cooler now. John A and Cynthia have both sent a message to us telling us not to come home too soon as it is so very cold and wet. We are most thankful we are having this lovely warm holiday. There are hundreds of caravans on the road mostly with older couples enjoying their retirement as we are.

About 80 km south we turned into Lonesome National Park which is a section of the Expedition Park. We have camped early in the day so time for reading, stitching and a little more walking. The campground only allows for 3 here we are on green grass along with one other chap in his caravan.

Evening time has come. We have enjoyed a half hour walk and a warm shower and tonight Eileen and Geoff are cooking dinner for us.

Through a sandstone cutting

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