Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4th

Another clear sky. We packed up our camp and left Adels Grove about 10 am and headed north toward the coast of the Gulf. The gravel road was quite good and took us through Lawn Hill Station. Twice we crossed the clear running waters of the Lawn Hill Creek.
The country is dry so there are not many animals and birds about. We saw a couple of kangaroos, 20 Station horses and a very large mob. of multi coloured cattle but few native creatures.
The bush land was interesting although quite sparce in some places. We identified Silver Box trees, Ghost Gums. Carbeen trees and Cabbage Gums which are all eucalypts. There were many Bauhinia trees as well ..these are commonly called Butterfly trees because the leaves are formed liked butterfly wings.
The drive across the Western Gulf Savannah was interesting with the many termite nests which are now grey instead of red-brown that we saw earlier.
Tonight we are camped on the Nicholson River which is wide with many water lillies in bloom. The sign on the waters edge says NO SWIMMING. The reason for this is unknown but we are suspecting that there may be crocodiles in the water. I will not even dip my big toe in!

View from our camp on the Nicholson River

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