Friday, July 15, 2016

July 12th
Crossing the Mitchell in a Road Train

Last night an empty road train came through the Mitchell River Crossing---2 hours later it returned fully loaded with cattle. This morning soon after 6.00 the empty truck returned, crossed the river and 2 hours later came back over the river with a partially loaded truck. It is quite a spectacle to see. The driver gains good speed before coming down onto the crossing from the other side of the river..then WOOSH through the water he came firstly spraying dust then water everywhere. John and I walked down close to the crossing to get a photo. You can see the result.

Many of the river crossings we have been through today have had this sign ACHTUNG then in English WARNING and a crocodile symbol. Yes there is a possibility of Crocs in many of these inland rivers.

Because the roads were significantly smoother today we reached Chillagoe mid afternoon. We visited the ‘Archways’ at Mungala which is very near to Chillagoe. The rocks are huge magnificent limestone formations and very dark grey in colour. We did not go through a cave but just walked through the Archways which were spectacular in formation and size. There were also some quite good examples of Aboriginal artwork.

Aboriginal art at Mongana Caves

Tonight we are camped on the Rodeo Grounds at Chilligoe.

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