Saturday, July 30, 2016

July 30th

Last night at the Lonesome Camping Ground we were lulled off to sleep by the sound of a Barking Owl which was close by our rig. It is amazing how much this bird sounds like a barking dog..woof woof....woof woof !

The overnight temperature went down to zero...we have re-organised our bed covering this morning, as it is sure to be cold here at Roma. We are camped at the Roma Bassett Park Showgrounds where there was a race meeting today. There is a special area set aside for campers. The showers are very hot and not like the last town oval we stayed at when the showers were stone cold.

The road back to the highway, this morning, was particularly steep to the top of a very rugged 'jump-up'. The whole National Park consists of steep 'jump-ups' and is stark and noticeably scenic. The Spotted Gums are in bloom along side Iron Bark trees and Bimble Box. It is surprising to see so many Prickly Pear plants/tree along the roadside. I understood they were a 'menace and had been declared a noxious weed/plant'.

We stopped in Injune to visit the very informative Info Centre...then on another 80 km to Roma for lunch, a Laundromat and a Super Market. It is amazing what you can find in a new Super Market!
Eileen found a very unusual shop called Ace Draper. I have never been in a shop with such a variety of things to sell..anything from fabric, sewing equipment. kitchen ware, curtains, towels, sheets and clothing to name a few. Everything was all stuffed on shelves in narrow isles. Eventually I purchased some DMC thread and Eileen purchased some wool. It was a lot of fun exploring this place, even Geoff and John enjoyed it.

A steep and picturesque 'jump-up'

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