Thursday, July 7, 2016

July 7th. 8th & 9th

It was an excellent bitumen road for the last 30 km into Normanton from the Burke and Wills site. It is hard to imagine how Burke and Wills and their team travelled such long and remote distances without any support. It is 155 years ago since they set out from Victoria on this Epic Expedition.

We have enjoyed a restful day at Normanton and are now camped on the Norman River just out of town.

In the main street of the town there is an amazing authentic statue of the largest crocodile ever killed It is huge! The size of its mouth and body have to be seen to be believed. The host , Jason, in the Info Centre told us there is now another very large croc living upstream from Normanton. It has been seen from a helicopter and appears to be a similar size although not quite as large as this original giant.

'Krys' the world's largest crocadile
. It was shot by a female hunter in 1957 and measures 8 metres and 63 cm long. The 'look alike' was made to measure. I found it to be truly frightening and quite sickening.

During the afternoon we arranged to go on the train ride tomorrow.

A meal out at the Albion was enojoyed by us all.. a night off cooking is always appreciated.

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