Saturday, August 10, 2019

Safari 2019 August 10th

Saturday August 10th

White Daisy Bush

 An early morning walk again today. The only place to walk was back along the track into Acraman Bay Conservation Park where we were camped. Luckily we had found a calm spot for the night as the weather was still windy. The bush had quite a few wild flowers in bloom.

Native Apricot
 Today we have come further north to Ceduna to the Shelly Beach Camping Park where I have been able to do a couple of loads of washing (and drying) Every so often a short shower of rain came over the dunes from the beach!
We have again visited the Super Market and before we leave tomorrow we will call at the Fish shop with the hope that the fishing crew have been successful with their fishing excursion today. It has been so wild at sea that Fishing boats have been unable to go out.
On previous visits to Ceduna we have enjoyed visiting the Aboriginal Art Centre/Gallery. It was disappointing to find it closed today...probably because it is Saturday.  
The Caravan Park has beach frontage so it provided us with another short walk  in between showers of rain.

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