Saturday, August 31, 2019

Safari 2019 August 31st

Saturday, August 21st 2019

Late yesterday and last night  several vans arrived to fill the vacant nearby camping sites. There were lots of little kids about, all having a wonderful time especially as there was a small kangaroo keen to be near the campers, no doubt in the hope of being fed.
We left the Wilpena Resort about 9.00am and only had to drive a little way before we took the turn to Arkaroo Rock.  The track to the artwork was 3kms in length and the notice board said it would take 2hours....I needed all that time to walk up, down and over the large and small rocks which made up the path. John waited patiently for me. The actual Arkaroo Rock was quite large and had some great drawings on it which were either painted with ochre or drawn with a sharp stone. There were two layers of drawings and maybe three layers in places. We have known that the Rock Art Artists of old often drew over earlier artwork with their own work. Some symbols and drawings were much clearer than others. It was difficult to photograph because of the light. Around the whole site of the artwork there was a very strong wire and piping 'fence' to guard this special old work from modern day graffiti artists of our own race. We felt the fence was rather artificial when we first arrived at the site but soon realised its necessity. I will post  a few of my photos, but they are not really clear.

After our walk we continued on to Hawker where we had lunch at the 'Flinders Food Co'. We were both a little weary, especially me. To night we have continued south to Oororoo where we are camped on a private property just south of the town. It is opposite the town reservoir. We are finally leaving the famous Flinders Ranges after 9 days in the area enjoying the views and wonderful walks and scenic drives. Sadly we did not see as many wild flowers as we saw on an earlier visit.

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