Sunday, August 4, 2019

Safari 2019 August 4th

Sunday August 4th

Lincoln Wattle

 We enjoyed a 'Sunday Drive' today further along the peninsula to Black Springs Camping Ground. It was a lovely spot..Clean and Green. The road was rough with rocks in some sections and  soft with sand in other. Luckily John did not need to let the tyres down on our vehicle. After traveling the Canning Stock route twice John has had a lot of experience driving on sand. NB The Canning has 1000 dunes to cross each way!
It was quite windy so we took our lunch down to the beach and sat in a sheltered spot near some rocks. We were in Coffin Bay in 2001 and, unfortunately John was bitten by a wild bee. After sitting and eating our lunch we began to notice that  bees were flying by. Sure enough they were entering a hole in the rocks where they must have had a nest. We packed up very soon!!

Shells on Black Springs Beach
 The bush once again had lots of colour---yellow, red, orange and white flowers. Again we saw kangaroos, emus, pied oyster catchers and various others birds. We drove into a small lake area where 2 shellducks were feeding. They are brightly coloured ducks. On returning to our van we found a pair of Port Lincoln ringneck parrots. They are also very brightly coloured birds. They were holding casuarina nuts with one claw and pecking out the seeds of the nut. They were quite tame and allowed me to take a few photos. Tomorrow we begin out trip north along the west coast of Eyre Peninsula. I think we will both be sorry to leave this part of South Australia as we have had a great time. This coning week promised wet days so we are not so happy about this.
Lincoln Ringneck Parrot

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