Saturday, August 10, 2019

Safari 2019 August 9th

Friday, August 9th 2019

First activity this morning was a half hour walk through the Conservation Park where we had camped. The ground was quite firm and rocky despite further showers of rain during the night. We found that the gravel road that took us back to the coast was also quite firm and had probably dried out with the wind.
We visited Point Labatt where we saw over 25 seals enjoying the sun, playing and sleeping. Again we found it to be very windy. There was a lookout overlooking the cliffs and sea with a remarkable sign on it.
Fancy going further?

The story board had a painting it that represented the Dreaming Time story of the area. Wombats and seals have lived nearby, together for many years and the story told of the similarities between the two. The painting was a clear representation of the two creatures and the environment in which they lived.
Wombat and seal represented near their seaside homes.

Further north we came through Squeaky Bay, where we had fish and chips for lunch. Our camp is further up the coast toward Ceduna at the Acraman Creek Conservation Reserve. It is a bush camp which we enjoy, but there will probably be more rain and wind during the evening.

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