Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Safari 2019 August 12th

Monday August 12th 2019

After a peaceful night sleeping ‘under the waves’ of Pildappa Rock we awoke to fog and light mist. Clouds, blue, breeze and misty rain have been exchanging places all day. We walked the 1.3 kms, around the rock and John climbed it again while I sat in the sun doing a little stitching! It is surprising how many people call to see this interesting phenomenon. There was only one other overnight camp though.
Eventually we left the area and headed north for the Gawler Ranges and settled into the Yaldinga Camp just in time to enjoy our lunch there…it was sunny at the time. Early afternoon we walked a short distance up the road to view 2 waterfalls, one of which was the Yaldinga Falls. Of course neither rocky fall had any sign of water. It was a pretty walk. though, because of the Silver Cassia in bloom and much taller bushes bearing flowers of the Sand Hibiscus.
The evening had turned quite cold as we walked around the Yaldinga Camp site to say hello to two new couples who were setting up for the evening.
My first try to cook a frittata here in the van! and yes, it was most successful. It called for the use of the Griller on my stove so that was a first as well.

Close up shot of Silver Cassia flowers
PS..I am posting this on Tuesday, from Mt Ive, where we have connected with the station WiFi

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