Thursday, August 1, 2019

Safari 2019 August 1st

Thursday August 1st

Again the sky dawned with some cloud and maybe misty rain. Each time we have walked,in the last few days, we have come back to the van with damp clothes, so we donned our rain coats this morning...of course  there was no mist this time. We walked out to the northern point of Surfeet Cove. Again we saw orchids and now after visiting the Information Centre in Lincoln I think I have identified them. The bigger one is called a Mallee Shell Orchid and the smaller and taller one is Midget Greenhood Orchid.
We have booked into a Tourist Park for tonight so we can do our washing, and drying in this case, because the afternoon has been quite wet. After hanging the washing on the line, we spent our time catching up on various things in Port Lincoln..the Nautilus Art Gallery, Information Centre, Bunnings, booking for dinner tonight and driving around the huge Marina with many boats sheltering/ especially fishing boats. The Fishing Industry down here is big and important.

Shared fish Meal
This is the Shared meal that we chose at Del Giorno's Cafe+Restaurant. We had this Cafe recommended to us by several people. The tables were full and food came out to the patrons very soon after ordering. The meal we chose was for 2 people. A small basket of chips on top, Calamari and Squid, Natural and Kilpatrick Oysters, Whiting and Mussels in a Chilli Sauce. It was delicious. John had a glass of Boston Bay Reisling  and I had a delicious Boston Bay Sauvignon Blanc. They were both very dry wines and delightful with fish. Boston Bay is one of the local wineries.

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