Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Safari 2019 August 24th

Saturday August 24th 2019

It has been quite a long drive from Blinman here to Archaroola. We walked around Blinman revisiting our last visit in 2007. The complete village seems to have had a make-over. There are several places offering accommodation, a cafĂ©, the hotel where we camped last night and an Information cottage. The track was closed so we were unable to go on the tour of the  Copper mine. We left Blinman about 10.00am with quite some apprehension in our thoughts because we thought that the gravel road would be very rocky. Luckily about 2/3 of the 150 kms of it had been graded. Unfortunately there was still one very rocky & rough patch which I am sure was the cause of the caravan cutlery drawer being shaken to the floor. It could have been the contents of our refrigerator on the floor and broken open!!
A bunch of Curly Mallee leaves and flowers
Apart from the rough road to Archaroola the trip showed us some spectacular range country which was both colourful and very striking in appearance. We have settled in the camp ground for 2 nights.
John was able to find and identify the tree known as Eucalyptus  Gillii commonly known as the Curly Mallee. He collected some nuts with the hope of striking some seeds at home.
Yes, we did enjoy wedges of Pizza for lunch today.
Dunny at Blinman

NB This post is 3 days late because of lack of Interent connection at Blinman.

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