Saturday, August 10, 2019

Safari 2019 August 8th

Thursday August 8th 2019..this will have to wait to be posted because we have no internet this evening.

Wind whipping up the sea.
We headed north from Elliston with a plan to camp on the coast again. The wind and ‘scawly’ showers were very persistent. Our first stop was Walkers Rocks then Talia Caves which are really very washed rock holes in the coastline. The wind was certainly whipping the waves and foam into the coast and way out to sea. The wind was so very strong that I could hardly stand in it and was certainly nervous about ‘checking’ out the caves from the washed and jagged coast. Next we called at Venus Bay and Port Kenny ..both were suffering the same weather. We believe this severe weather is headed for Victoria!

Some of Murphy's Haystacks
Continuing north on the Flinders Highway we turned inland to Murphy’s Haystacks. We thought we would camp at this spot…but NO. The spectacle is on the top of a hill and VERY windy. Eventually we have camped in the Calpatanna Waterhole Conservation Park..just inside the gate on a flat track and sheltered by a low eucalypt forest. Hopefully this will be sheltered enough for a peaceful night. I found another crop of ‘Harbinger of Spring’ flowers or more commonly known as Early Nancys. We also found some wild hibiscus flowers growing on the roadside. They are a low bush with lovely lilac colour flowers with a yellow stamen and a several deep red spots deep into the flower. They have identified them as Sand Hibiscus.
Sand Hibiscus

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