Sunday, August 11, 2019

Safari 2019 August 11th.

Sunday  August 11th 2019

Seafood for sale at Ceduna
First we visited Baldy’s Seafood Shop. Because of the poor weather the boats that went out to sea yesterday have not brought in good catches. I watched as the King George Whiting was being filleted. We purchased 6 slim fillets for dinner this evening. John cooked them on the BBQ and they made a delightful meal. I also bought 2 meals of frozen packet of King George Whiting fillets and the other was a packet of Gar fish fillets. We look forward to having them in the next few weeks. We will not be close to the seas again to buy fresh fish. Baldy told me he had been operating his Seafood shop for 33 years. He is certainly skilled at filleting fish!

Taken while walking on top of Pildappa Rock
Our rig near Pildappa Rock
  We came east from Ceduna on the Eyre Highway, as far as Minnapa, where we turned north, driving through cropped undulating paddocks to look at the Tcharkuldu Hill. It is a low and quite prominent hill made up of rocks. We drove around it and then went further north to see Pildappa Rock which was much more significant. It is a large granite rock very worthwhile climbing on. It did not take us long to go up one gently sloping side, walk across the top then find a gently slope to walk down the other side. The rock was rough and relatively easy to walk on. I thought it would take us quite awhile to do this but it was a relatively quick activity. We could even overlook our rig where we have camped this evening. There are many yellow everlasting flowers featuring among a variety of spindly eucalpypt trees. As well as two different types of wattles and a weeping Pitttosporum in bloom.

Buds and caps on Eucalyptus Wood wardie
Along the way today it was wonderful to see three large WoodWardie Eucalyptus trees in full bloom. Their yellow flowers, buds and nuts are all quite spectacular.

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