Thursday, August 29, 2019

Safari 2019 August 28th

 Wednesday August 28th 2019

Solar Panel Station

Cold morning  below zero but lovely sunny day which I spent mostly reading and stitching. Everyone else went walking. I did go out to see the Solar Farm which was installed in 1998. It was well hidden behind some lower hills. Many many kangaroos were enjoying the early morning across the low hills.

John, Neil, David and Cynthia took a half hour flight over Wilpena Pound and surrounding areas. John's only comment was...'it is very dry'  The drought is showing its face everywhere. 

All members of our party went off walking for a couple of hours. I joined them later for a drive out to beautiful Sacred Canyon to see some small examples of Aboriginal Rock Art.

We all enjoyed our last meal together at the Wilpena Pound Resort 

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