Saturday, August 3, 2019

Safari 2019 August 3rd

Saturday August 3rd

An hour long walk this morning took us through the bush and up to the lookout. The coastal system here is complex with long spits of land coming out into bays which surround many small islands. We thoroughly enjoyed the bush because of all the bright flowers--red, orange, yellow and mauve. The track was very rocky in many places so we needed to take care with each step.

 This afternoon we took a drive to a more southern area of the park. The coastal views were beautiful with steep, rocky cliffs and waves rolling in.
 At one viewing spot we saw a couple fishing from a much lower rocky ledge. Then we could see a small child with them...They must be keen on fishing to take such risks.

We were lucky to see a flock of emus. 'two fully grown and seven 3/4  grown'
We presumed they were parents and  seven 'teenagers'. It is a privilege to see a family together like this. They did not seem very alarmed at our vehicle being so near. Further around the coastal drive we saw two Rock Parrots, which we were not all familiar with. They are coastal birds endemic to the southern coasts of Western Australia and South Australia. Their diet is mainly seeds from grasses.

The day has been fine and very much warmer and most enjoyable...maybe a cold night to follow!

Rock Parrot

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