Monday, August 5, 2019

Safari 2019 August 5th

Monday August 5th
Yellow Canola on the left and blue sea on the right

We made the short trip from Coffin Bay this morning, north to Point Drummond where we will stay for the night. Instead of taking the Flinders Highway we wove ourselves along gravel roads much closer to the coast. It was a pretty trip through green grain crops, yellow canola crops and the beautiful blue of the sea.

Waves and rocks

The sea of blue and aqua is being whipped up by a strong breeze/wind. It is a very rough coast line with cliffs and rocks.  There are a few plants growing among the rocks. Some look stunted while others are thriving. Among the sand and other plants was the red pea shaped flower on a prostrate plant. Yes it is a Running Postman or 'Kennedia Prostrata'. Evidently these plants are found on coastal dunes from here on  the Eyre Penninsula and west to the Western Australian Coast.

Could this be a Running Postman?
About a week ago, while travelling the
eastern coast of the Penninsula we
purchased a bag of apples. They were branded as 'Hail Heroes'. Evidently the apple orchard suffered a hail storm and some fruit were left as edible fruit. These apples were marketed at Hail Heroes because they survived the hail storm. They are very nice apples and the few marks on their skins did not worry us at all....very creative marketers!

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