Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 10th

An early walk was enjoyed before setting off for Kennedy Range. The walk in Gum Grove took about 30 minutes. The Red Gum trees were magnificent. The track rocky but clearly defined.

The anhu walking shoes I purchased before I left home are proving to be a very worthwhile investment. They are strong and comfortable for walking over the very rocky tracks we have been on.

There were not so many wild flowers today probably because of less rain on the area. However there were flower carpets of mauve (mulla mulla), bright pink (Swainsona or poison pea), Green grey  (green mulla mulla) and yellow (goodenia) The flat or undulating country was pleasant to drive through with medium to high bushes which I suspect were Mulga but very few Red Gums.
We crossed the Lyons River at the causeway which was about 25cm deep. The Lyons is a significant water way at this shire. There were many budgerigars twittering in the gum trees and looking for nesting holes.
Lunch was eaten on the side of the road at a spot very near to the most northerly point of out trip.

Still not many birds apart from several magnificent wedge tailed eagles soaring in the sky. There was a small flock of zebra finches in the trees as we entered the lovely  Kennedy National Park where we plan to stay for 2 nights.

Because of an unexpected shut down of my computer, the blog days have become out of order a little. Hope you can read them in sequence.
Me in Gum Grove

Crossing the Lyons River on the causeway.

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