Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 11th

The walk up Temple Gorge, here in the Kennedy National Park was most enjoyable although I become tired of stepping up the large rocks---longer legs would be a help!

I decided to do some drawing while John walked up Draper’s Gorge. The rocks have many angles and crevices to draw and shadow. The completed drawing is actually an ‘impression’ rather then a realistic image. We watched small birds floating in the wind by the cliff activity with no purpose but pleasure!

Mid afternoon we drove along the escarpment to Honeycomb Gorge. The rock formations are amazing and well worth photographing. We sat for ages, romancing about the Cathedrals of Europe which demonstrate a similarity to these rock formations.

While returning to our campsite we stopped to look at another site of Burrowing Bees. They are somewhat larger than the bees we have at home. They were playing ‘the mating game’ while we watched all the buzzing.

The Camp Host, Terry, lit the communal fire late in the day so we joined everyone for a drink and chat. They were a very pleasant group of people sitting around chatting about the outback and the rigs they have travelled in.
Male Burrowing bees waiting for the female Bee

Rock formations in Honeycomb Gorge

The camp ground is set near the escarpment among the Mulga trees. It is surprising how many camps are tucked away amongst the bush.  

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