Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 14th

We expected to spend the whole day filling in time at Murchison Camping Ground , but by midday the word went round ‘The roads are open’ All campers were up, up and away as we were. I finished the washing and drying of sheets and towels. We had a take-away fish and chips for lunch and we went on our way as well. In total we had spent 24 hours at the settlement.

The road to Mullewa was bitumen for 2/3 of the way and good gravel for the rest. The causeway over the Sandford River was washed away, so we used the recently de-commissioned bridge to cross the river.  

Hakea recurva

The scenery was rather grey and uninteresting apart from a few flowers as we neared Mullewa. After crossing the Hacket Creek we turned into the Urawa Nature Reserve and drove a little way along the track by the river and camped the night. The bush was rather barren but there were some flowers, several of which I had not seen before.  The sky looks brighter so we hope the rain has moved further away.
PS The above Hakea which I photographed and showed the very knowledgeable lady at the Mullewa Info Centre was identified. It has 10cm long spiky and strong leaves. A warning the keep away! It has a beautiful flower though. 

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