Monday, July 6, 2015

July 5th

Another warm day with plenty of flies! I was able to do a load of washing at Lorna Glen Homestead. It is always a bonus to find a washing machine. The weather was ideal for drying clothes which we did after we found a place to camp.
We only travelled about 30k m within the boundaries of the Lorna Glen Station. We are camped at a bore near the northern boundary. It was a  pretty drive up here with both rocky areas and other parts white with many wildflowers. I cannot identify them all and it is pointless to type all the names each day so I will adopt the policy of only printing the new or spectacular examples that we see.  Within the garden of flowers there were pink and white daisies as well as pink and white milk maids. The 60m of rain that has fallen recently has certainly brightened the desert.

Lorna Glen Station Homestead complex
 We drove by several bores and finally camped at No7. Bore. Clean water is plentiful if you care to work the hand pump. It was easy to have a shower on this very warm evening. I hope the rain that is forecast doesn’t catch us.

Some rocky country at Lorna
Stone Altar at Lorna Glen

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