Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 9th
After 9 hours sleep we awoke refreshed and ready to explore the walking tracks around the
 Mt Augustus National Park. First we visited the Ooramboo walk where we viewed some very simple petroglyphs along an escarpment. John continued on up to Edney’s Lookout. I stayed and had an enjoyable study of the plants in the immediate area. I also had the pleasure of watching a pair of Budgerigars settling into a hollow branch. I imagine they were lining a nest prior to laying eggs.
We have found a few new plants today.. Native fig, growing from a crack in a huge rock, a Cow vine, one of many climbing in the trees. Small leaved Swainsona or Poison Pea, Wild parsnip, Hop Bush and a Lantern Flower were all new for this trip. It is astonishing the growth of plants in the area and most of them are in bloom.
Magnificent old Red Gum tree where budgerigars nest

Carpet of yellow Goodenia flowers

Masses of Cotton bush
The recent 60 mls of rain has been great for bringing the flowers into bloom.
We enjoyed several other walks including Flintstone, the Pound and the Cattle Pool on the Lyons River. The Pound was interesting because of its history. Early last century, the natural basin was used for holding cattle before moving them on hoof to Mekatharra. This droving excursion would take between 10 and 12 days.

This resort has been lovely to stay at. We have been allowed to camp in the nearby bush but still enjoy the pleasure of a hot shower. 
 There is plenty of water available although it is high in calcium.

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