Monday, July 20, 2015

July 18th 

Mt Jackson Abandoned Homestead
Textile Wallhanging 'SALINA'

A lovely morning so we walked on the track for a km or so, returned to the truck and drove another 11 km through the Baladjie Lake Nature Reserve. The early morning bush was so very attractive with numerous Gimlet trees showing off their magnificent copper trunks. Gradually the trees changed to another species with white trunk, then changed back to copper Gimlets. From time to time we could see a large salt lake in the distance.

We followed the map in a northerly direction and went through the Barrier Fence again. The travelling was great with continuing woodlands of beautiful trees. The road took us across an expansive salt expansive Salina. Salt lakes always fascinate me so much so that I was inspired to make a wallhanging about them..see above
Mt Jackson has been a mining area but all that remains on the Station now is a derelict stone homestead. Such a shame as hard working people would have spent a lot of money, time and energy into building this home.

It was obvious that a lot of mining has happened in this area. By the quality of some of the roads we think that mining is still happening. We crossed an extremely smooth gravel road with Notices each way warning of NO ACCESS. We could hear machinery and then as we stopped for lunch on top of a rise my phone beeped with some messages. The Telstra waves gave us enough internet connection to send messages and post several unexpected benefit.
John was aiming to camp at Elvire Station so on we drove through some more lovely woodlands. The trees we have seen today have really made an impression. They are just so attractive despite the dry climate. We have been able to identify a couple of new eucalypt trees as well.

Eventually we came to Elvire Conservation Park which was formerly a station property. The simple home was completely deserted and the surrounding land looked very barren and unattractive. The only aspect which appealed to us was a Break Away which was spectacular because of its varied and brightly coloured rock face. There were no trees close to where we camped so John was able to attach our clothesline to the rock face where the clothes dried in the late afternoon sun and should catch the morning sun as well.
Mt Elvire Break-Away clothes line

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