Monday, July 6, 2015

July 4th

Soon after 6.00 am we decided to have a lay day here at Lorna Glen Camping area. We enjoyed a real ‘catch-up’ day and feel much rested this evening. It was a very warm day but relatively cool and pleasant in the shade. We walked for over half an hour, generally exploring the site. The camp hosts David and Corrie are very accommodating and visited us this morning and again this evening.
Yesterday Lorna Glen was declared an Indigenous Protection Area IPA. The MUTAWA people live nearby and are being trained in general maintenance of the property. There are a few flowers in bloom and some wonderful trees. A large old Desert red gum is near our camp. John estimates that it could be 500 years old. The red gums in NE Victoria are Eucalyptus camaldulensis camaldulensis and these desert red gums are Eucalyptus camaldulensis obtusa. The main differences are in the bud cap and white colour of the trunks of the desert variety.

The airstrip is a magnificent runway of fine red gravel against the blue of the desert sky.
While walking we discovered a hand made stone altar with rough seats for a congregation. This was built some years ago for the use by the 6 families who were living on the station at that time. 

Lorna Glen Airstrip

Desert Red Gum tree

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