Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 30th

Our new tyre arrived in Leonora about 10.45 am. The mechanics took about an hour to do the fitting work and add balancing beads to the right front tyre. We were advised to travel about 100 km before we could make a proper judgement about the unbalanced wheel. The result does not seem to be satisfactory which makes it tiring for John to drive. We stopped just off the road and camped. Two Kangaroos guided us in. The first kangaroos we have seen since leaving SA.
We travelled a wide red road as we left Leonora towards Mt Ida which is near Wilbah Station. An Uncle of a friend of ours, Terry Wight, operated this cattle Station during the early part of last century. He had to leave it because of drought conditions. Today, the bush looks healthy after recent rains, even the Spinifex looks green.
There are extensive systems of salt lakes, some of which are showing a growth of very healthy Samphire. Overall we have seen very few birds but today were lucky to see 3 Magpie Geese fly up from a wet area in a salt lake.
We have not seen a vehicle or a person since leaving Leonora and travelling 200 km. It is a very remote area in which we are camped tonight. I think in earlier days there were gold mining centres, a couple of which we passed by during the day. When we went by the Copperfield Mine we discussed whether it would be a gold mine or a copper mine. The information board told us that the young man who found the first gold in the area was reading ‘David Copperfield’ at the time..hence the name. I imagine the only time he had to read the book was at night and the only light available would have been a candle. I bet the print in the book was very small as well.
Cirrus clouds are in the blue sky this evening and they have added to a beautiful sunset. I hope they are not a forerunner of a rain event.

Bush camp north of Leonora & south of Sandstone

The last sunset for the month of June

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