Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 1st
Sunrise reflections on dappled clouds
What a wonderful sunrise. We had camped near Mt Forest on the Sandstone Menzies Road. The rising sun produced bright red/pink reflections on the dappled cloud.
Two cars went by during the early dark last night. These were the only vehicles we saw since midday .
We drove through Noondie Lakes—a large dry salt lake system with dark red Samphire growing nearly all over it.
As we neared Sandstone, much of the road was lined with thick low bush. Sandstone is a  small township which is kept very clean and gardens are well cared for. We found a couple of Eucalypt  Macrocarpa trees growing quite happily. I would love to find one growing in the wild and in bloom. The buds are silver in colour and burst into large red blooms. The nuts are 3-4 cm in size. John has collected a couple with the hope of growing a tree at Milawa. We collected some dry leaves for me to ECO dye with. We thought it was too cheeky to collect a branch from these cultivated trees in the middle of the township.
We explored the heritage trail which was quite interesting with an old mine, an old Brewery in a cave, an old well out on the main road and London Bridge which is a rock formation in the shape of  a bridge.
We ate our lunch under the shade of a Kurrajong tree in the middle of town and purchased some supplies from the store in the Pub. The weather was delightful at 24+ deg.
Our camp tonight is at an old property called Lake Mason. Shearing Shed, workers quarters, homestead and windmill are still there. I find it sad when a homestead has been deserted. I lit the hot water donkey and showered in the available facility. It was a very successful shower. The area is now a National Park so it was good to see everything being cared for so well. It is very arid country and hard to believe that sheep were grazed here. Gidgee trees grow easily but they do have a very pungent smell.

'Donkey' heater and shower room

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