Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 22nd,

North to a small place on the map called Malcom. It has a very low water storage dam. The country has undulating low bush country with no flowers. We drove by a Shipping Container Trans Shipment Site..presumable servicing the mines.

We were pleased to arrive at Leonora and settle into the Caravan Park where I did 5 loads of washing and drying. It is so good to get practically everything  clean and dry. I feel I become quite paranoid about this aspect of camping. We are preparing to head east again on Friday with a 12 to 15 day trip without a reliable  opportunity to buy food. So the focus has been on the Supermarket which has quite a good range of food especially fresh fruit and vegetables. John has been 'sussing' out diesel prices and settled on paying $1.40 per litre. We now have both fuel tanks full and both water tanks full. To- morrow at Laverton we will fill five Jerry cans with diesel as well. We have 870 kms to travel to Ilkurlka where we can purchase fuel what price?? I have purchased a lot of food this afternoon but will fill in the gaps at the Laverton Supermarket tomorrow. Everything is expensive but it is part of the holiday expenses.

This evening we walked up the street to the White House Hotel where we both enjoyed a delightful meal of fish. We have enjoyed returning to Leonora although there are few services here. I did go to the Chemist shop this afternoon. Sadly the windows are barred to protect against illegal entry after drugs.

John's cousin Lisa and here partner Tony are not in town this week. They accepted a gold detecting job with a Mining company. It is a shame we have not seen them again but a contract like this is very valuable to them.

There are no photos to post today but I am sure there will be plenty to see as we cross the Great Victoria Desert. I will be unable to post blogs for some days but hope to keep up my records and photos.

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