Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 12th

We left the beautiful Kennedy Range National park under grey skies with a forecast of rain. We were keen to go south to successfully cross the Gascoyne River before the rain eventuated. It was a wide crossing with ROAD CLOSED across the road. Many people have crossed this river despite the sign. We watched another vehicle cross successfully so we launched EC along the track across. There were no problems but after hearing everyone along the way commenting on this crossing it was good to have it behind us.

Gascoyne Junction is a very small settlement. We called at the Camping Park/ Fuel Station which had been washed away in floods some years ago. It has been rebuilt with lovely modern buildings and is most attractive. Probably the smartest new style park I have seen.

Telstra connection was available after about 5 days without it. We took some time to do messages and phone calls. Then off we went south with a cloudy sky and the forecast of rain. We have stopped at Bilung pool for the night, despite midgies and mossies. There are several other people camping here. One group is down in the gorge near the water. I would not be camping there with the threat of rain in the air.   The Bilung Gorge is most attractive and very wide. It would certainly be wild in a flood!

The scenery today had been rather dull without the masses of flowers although we found Rattle Pod Grevillias in bloom. There were some wonderful pink ‘ground cover’ plants flowering on clay pans. They were very bright, in fact quite luminous.

Crossing the Gascoyne

The Graders do a wonderful job with the many gravel roads in this area of Australia. Today, despite that it is Sunday, we caught up with the Grader. John always speaks to the driver on the radio and tells him what a great job he is doing. The reply is always appreciative with ‘have a good day eh!’ on the end.

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