Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Safari 2019 July 31st

Wednesday, July 31st

The morning dawned fine and sunnt so off we went for a walk along the bush coast line to Spalding Cove which was 2.5km away. It was a lovely walk apart from the coastal mist which came across. I could see the fishermen in their boats would get quite damp. 
Green hood Orchid found in coastal bush.
 The highlight of the walk was finding quite a number of orchids.There were 2 varieties and both were Nodding Greenhoods. I have not been able to identify them specifically but will ask at the NP Information Centre tomorrow. Pictured, is the 1st type that I found and the 2nd type was totally green and much smaller. The bigger one was very similar to the Ruddy Green hood we find in the hills at home.
On our return from our morning walk we took our lunch and drove out to the Donnington Lighthouse and also explored quite a number of beaches along the way. Luckily we were able to sit in the sun for lunch but by the time we reached home misty rain has set in. Our first really wet time when we have had to be in the van in daylight hours. 
Two orchids amongst damp leaf litter


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