Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Safari 2019 July 17th

July 17th 2019

After a very long time lying down and some long hours of sleep we have awoken with more energy. We have walked twice today so that, at the very least has kept us warm. Our bush camp was a little way west of the Pretty Pines Hotel among old old Red Gums and Black Box trees and quite close to the Moulamein Road but we could not hear the traffic until early this morning.
The Red Gums provide many holes for birds and other creatures to sleep and nest in. We have seen thousands of Cockatoos today on pasture and cropping lands. No wonder famers become frustrated with this intrusion.
We enjoyed lunch on the Edward River in the Yango NP, not far out of Balranald. After lunch we visited the local Art Gallery in the township. It had a lovely display with many attractive paintings.
Tonight we are camped on the Murray River in the Euston State Park. We have camped here before with Yvonne and Clive Voss and Susan and David Mathews. The surrounds of the Murray River here are grey and generally without colour however the day has been fine and warmer than at Milawa.
Now for some sausages from the BBQ.

On the banks of the Murray River

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