Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Safari 2019 July 24th

Beach Detritus of seaweed and shells.
Wednesday July 24th

It is easy to fill a day with activities or non activities! John went off to the Steel works and really enjoyed the 1.5 hour tour of the plant with viewing and info. I finished the laundry process, did some stitching and walked on the beach. The beach had quite a wide area of clean sand as well as a line of seaweed detritus. 
After yet another visit to a Super Market, we have come further south to Cowell. We visited here several years ago when we came across Spencer Gulf on the Vehicle Ferry. The recommended campsite at Lucky Bay was not appealing to us so we have come on south of Cowell to this much more inviting RV site. It is quite open and clean with young eucalypts planted around it.

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