Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Safari 2019 July 30th

Tuesday 30th 
Beach at Memory Cove

We have had a great day and a long trip to Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area. The area is gated and locked. We were able to arrange for a key from the Information Centre in Port Lincoln. The road was very rocky and slow taking 1.5 hours to do the last 20 km. However the view at memory Cove and the camping areas were well worth seeing. We were both weary of the rough road by the time we returned to our van which we had left at Surfleet Cove Camp. The road our to Memory Cove was far too rough to take a caravan on.

This Cove was named by Mathew Flinders in 1802. He anchored his ship in the cove and sent 8 of his men in search of fresh water. The sea was treacherous and sadly the men perished so the cove has been named in memory of this tragic incident. Flinders named the nearby small islands in  memory of these sailors. There is Owen, Taylor, Lewis, Williams, Little, Grendal, Smith and Hopkins Islands.

 Driving through the bush was delightful as there were so many plants in bloom including 3 different Wattles, Goodenia bushes in flower, Sarsaparilla, Rice flowers, Correa, Cocky's Tongue, Clematis, yellow daisy flowers as well as some small white, pink and yellow flowers on bushes I could not identify. In fact the bush was quite alive with colour. Birds were interesting as well we saw a pair of Hooded Plovers on the beach as well as an Oyster Catcher, a Pacific Gull and a Sea Eagle in the air.

Cocky's Tongue
As we left the Surfeet Camping Area this morning we saw a pair of Cape Barren Geese feeding on the open grass land..and yes, at their feet were 4 young goslings. What a delight!

Cape Barren goose with several chicks

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