Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Safari 2019 July 16th

July 16th 2019

Cyclamens in bloom in our Glass House

Our first day, the day we have been looking forward to. After speaking to, Brendan, one of the guys who is going to keep an eye on our home and garden, we finally completed packing and drove out our gate soon after 10.30am. I was sorry to leave my two cyclamen plants which have grown from seedlings and have flowered for the very first time this year. The weather has warmed a little as we have travelled in a northerly direction-even some blue sky and sun. After crossing the Murray River at Tocumwal we lunched on the bank of this famous and well known river. We have settled for the night in bush land along a Stock Route  near the Edward River. Local tracks have only taken us on a short walk this evening. However 2 km of walking is better than none.

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