Saturday, July 20, 2019

Safari 2019 July 20th

Saturday July 20th, 

We went for a 5km walk this morning around the park, up on the range and returned via the waterway. The recommended time was 2 hours so I was pleased that we took 15 minutes less time than this. I am slow though. John would have taken much less time again. Walking made us quite hot so this was a pleasant change. The small shrubs are not so attractive but this succulent plant appealed to me as I had not seen it before.

Succulent leaves formed into flower shapes
We left the Redbanks Park and headed for Burra which is about 12 or 15 km away. A small amount of shopping was necessary.
This afternoon we driven north to Wirrabara  where we have camped in the nearby Wirrabara Forest. It is a 'clean and green' forest of eucalypts, maybe young Red Gums and Red Iron Bark trees which have very dark bark on the trunks.
In the town of Wirrabara, which is about 50 km north of Crystal Brook, there is some very attractive silo art. Presumably the farmer pictured is a local chap. on one silo there is a wonderful red capped robin. These tiny bright birds must be common in the area.
Wirrabara Silo Art featuring a farmer and a Red-capped Robin

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