Thursday, July 25, 2019

Safari 2019 July 25th

Thursday July 25th

Today has been a short journey of 38kms from Cowell to Port Gibbon where we are camped among the sand dunes. There is plenty of sand on the floor of the rig tonight as we have had a couple of walks along the beach amongst the sea weed. There were only a few shells but
Discarded shark egg
we found a number of these strange 
pieces of beach detritus. John knew they were shark eggs. After research we found that they come from the Port Jackson shark. They are laid and wedged in a crevice where they remain for 10 -12 months before hatching. There were quite a number on the beach so my guess is there must be a few sharks in the nearby waters. 
Further along the beach, lying on the piles of seaweed were a number of Bull Seals. They were not disturbed by us, but certainly had their eye on us. We stayed in the area for some time watching them sleep and move about a little. They were more interested in dozing in the warmth of the sea weed.

Bull seal looking out to sea
We met a couple from Tocumwal who were travelling in an Australian Adventure Vehicle (AAV) The vehicle was made by the same company that has produced our Earth Cruiser. There were many similarities but some very big differences. It was pleasant to enjoy the company of like minded people for a couple of hours.

Fish for dinner tonight. We purchased Yellow Fin Whiting which we have not heard of before and certainly have not tasted.

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  1. We found sharks eggs there abouts some years ago! They are fantastic artifacts