Sunday, July 28, 2019

Safari 2019 July 28th

After a great sleep with the ocean in our ears, we headed south to Tumby Bay. We found a small sleepy town on this Sunday morning.

 Tumby Bay Silo Art of boys jumping from the local pier
The town has a lot of street art or murals along the streets on many different sites. The prize one, of course, was the Silo Art. The artist was inspired by the boys jumping from the Pier into the water during summer holidays.
We drove further south until we found a suitable camping spot. The site we chose is the Church of Christ Redbank Camping area. It has a few more facilities than most of the spots we choose. It is a dull day so there is very little power going into our batteries via our Solar panels so Mains Electricity is most helpful.

Beautiful Grey Seas
 The beach has attracted us again. We walked for about 45 minutes. For the second time now we watched a Hooded Plover. They are beautiful little birds that runs so quickly along the  sand on the edge of the waves. They nest in the dunes but have a very poor record of chick survival. Warnings are along the beach asking people to avoid the dunes during the months of August to October in an effort to help the hatchlings. 

Hooded Plover & chick- photo taken from Warning notice

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