Monday, July 29, 2019

Safari 2019 July 29th

July 29th
Rain fell overnight but the sky was blue when we looked out this morning and..the sea was blue as well, all replacing the shades of grey from yesterday. It was lovely drive into Port Lincoln through rolling hills of green crops.
Coastal Eucalypt in bloom
Port Lincoln was convenient as we visited the Info Centre, Coles Supermarket etc and finished the morning at the Fresh Fish Place where we enjoyed a fishy lunch and bought enough fish for the 3 nights out in Lincoln National Park
John has booked us a camp site at Surfleet Cove. It is a really attractive park with lovely native bushes, lawns and marked camp sites. Bright Jonquil flowers tell me that there must have been early settlement in this area. Other than these blooms there are eucalypts in flower and a variety of other native bushes.
We walked for 40 minutes through the bush. A shower of rain followed us most of the way.
Unfortunately the beach is rocky and covered with seaweed detritus which is not easy to walk through. Soon after arriving I saw tiny jenny Wren near our van, presumably a Superb Blue Wren as they are found in this area.

John selected some nuts buds and leaves from one of the coastal eucalypt trees...I await the correct name.
The leaves are quite tough and leathery.

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