Friday, July 19, 2019

Safari 2019 July 19th

Friday, July 19th

Another short walk before we left Momoman Creek in Chowilla Conservation Park. Today we have travelled north of the Murray River in South Australia and even remembered to put our watches back one half hour. We did a small Super Market shop in Renmark then followed the river to Morgan where we had our lunch. It was a pretty 'lookout' picnic spot overlooking the water. The bird life was very busy. We had parked under a Leucoxylon eucalypt tree. There were several types of honey-eaters as well as a number of Rainbow Lorrikeets very busily enjoying the available lunchtime nectar. All birds were quite noisy compared with the silent flight of pelicans and hawks over the river. 
From Morgan the road took us away from the river and across green undulating hills. We have camped in Riverbanks National Park about 10 or 12 km from Burra. We expect the night and morning to be cold..maybe frosty. Whenever we have stayed at Burra it has been freezing cold...especially when we have slept in one of the Miner's Cottages.
This Gumtree Park is typical Mallee bush land  so we are very much at home. There are only 2 other camps set up so I am sure our night will be peaceful.

Typical Mallee Bush

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