Sunday, July 21, 2019

Safari 2019 July 21st & 22nd

July 21st 2019

Where did our day go? The first part of the morning was spent driving to Port Augusta through wonderful green undulating pastures then through the Mt Remarkable Range. We enjoyed, once again, visiting the Wadlata Centre. There always seems to be some updates available. Lunch was enjoyed in the simple cafe there.
Mangrove tree

Now we are camped on Fitzgerald Bay which is a little way north of Whyalla. All going well we intend staying 2 nights here. Interestingly there are mangrove trees lining the pebbled shore. They are said to be the closest Mangrove trees to the South Pole.

The Stranded Shingle Dune along the edge of the Gulf is a geological feature which was formed from a beach deposit of sediment high above sea level. It is thought that this shingle sediment was deposited about 30,000 year ago.

Stranded Shingle Dune
July 22nd.

We are still camped on Fitzgerald Bay and explored Wyalla this morning. The area was first found by Mathew Flinders in 1802, then soon after this Louis- Claude Freycenet arrived. We found two wonderful sculptures of these great explorers at the 'Flinders - Freycenet' Lookout in Whyalla.

Louis-Claude Freycinet

Mathew Flinders looking out to sea

 Yesterday evening we spoke to a young lady on the beach here. She was keen to go diving to find a cuttlefish. Today we have learned of the significance of this. 
The Australian Giant Cuttlefish breed in huge numbers in this bay, between May and August, every year. It is thought to be the largest known concentration of the specie...thus making Whyalla a 'Cuttlefish Capital' of the world.

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