Thursday, July 18, 2019

Safari 2019 July 18th

July 18th 2019

Another great day of holiday...with a walk in the morning and again at sunset. Our camp on the banks of the Mighty Murray River was peaceful apart from a few vehicles going along the bush tracks. Our van was very close to the water and we could see across the river to beaches on the other side. My first view outside this morning was rather extraordinary. What do you think of it..just trick photography?

Early morning on the Murray
 We have driven in a westerly direction today and enjoyed lunch in the park at Wentworth where the Darling River runs into the Murray River. It is a wide stretch of water.
Tonight we are camped in the Chowilla Nature Park which gives us a grey view of very dry land. We are on the wide and clean Monoman Creek  which we have been told is good for catching fish in.
The weather to-day has been comparatively warm. However the new diesel heater is doing a great job every morning.

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