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Safari 2019 July 27th

July 27th 2019 

A varied day began with a short walk from our camp at the Yeldulknie Dam. Our plan was to find another beach camp but on the way we headed for the Wharminda Soaks Picnic Area and Lookout. We knew we had to travel on minor roads. The gravel became less wide as we travelled until we came to a forested area which we presumed was the advertised Wilderness Area. There were no signs, but we had followed the map and hoped for the best. However we gave up at this stage because the area felt more and more remote and no sign of a Lookout although the view across the farmland to the sea was wide and interesting. The roads had led us through cropping farmland. Apart from recognising the canola crops we could not identify any others, but certainly thinking they would most likely be grain, considering the Grain silos throughout this part of the country.

John on Cowley's Beach near a very rusty post and 'attachment'

Eventually we returned to the coast at Port Neill where we enjoyed our lunch sitting in semi-sun and a light wind. From here we travelled down the coast looking for a suitable campsite close to the beach. We have settled at Cowley’s Beach where the waves are roaring in our ears this evening….music to sleep to. Cropping and farmland come down to the sand, including a small mob of sheep grazing contentedly. The country is quite rocky, and the crops are planted around the stony areas. Some patches are quite small and a wonder to me that the farmer would be bothered planting such a small area of crop.

We have walked on the beach and this evening, Peter, the landowner, came down for a chat. He is an interesting old guy who enjoys meeting visitors who wish to camp on his land.
A tiny bird came several times to perch on the bushes outside our van. It had a very melodious whistle. Finally we have identified it as a Singing Honeyeater. There was a pair of them guarding their spot I think.
There was no internet connection at Cowley's Beach so we have moved on to post this diary record the next day.

Singing Honeyeater

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