Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Safari 2019 July 23rd

July 23rd 2019

We have decided to stay at least one more day in this area and have our 'Travelling Home' set up in the Discovery Camping Park. This has allowed me to do a couple of loads of washing by machine. The wind is blowing constantly so much of the drying maybe done by this evening. As I was in the laundry I suddenly thought about the water I was filling the machine with. Maybe it has actually fallen in the Ovens or King Valley in Victoria...Our run off water eventually goes into the Murray River..from the Murray in South Australia there is a pipe line to Port Lincoln which surely goes through Whyalla on its way south.

 This morning we drove out toward Iron Knob and then along a gravel road with the idea to find a couple of the newer mines. Unfortunately this mission was not successful because we had a nasty flat tyre which changed our plans. After changing the damaged tyre we came back into Whyalla to have it repaired. To cut a long story short John decided to buy 2 new tyres. Our afternoon has been  occupied with repairs and housekeeping. It all takes time!
  John has booked to join a tour of the Steel Works for 1.5 hours tomorrow morning. We have not finalised our plans for tomorrow afternoon.....'Watch This Space'

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  1. That is bad luck not even on a remote track
    John will enjoy the guided tour