Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Safari 2019 July 2nd

 July 2nd

 Preparation for SAFARI 2019, Westward we will go, then a little way north and eventually visit the Flinders Ranges again.
This year we are leaving about a month later..expected date of departure July 16th..after the Wangaratta Textile Festival. It is the 20th year of this Festival. I have missed it for about 10 years so I thought I would like to take part in it again. However we are noticing the Cold winter weather. Sunrises through the fog and cloud have been pretty as some fine days are heralded. Today blue skies lasted until midday...from then on it has been inside with the heater on. The good news is that packing of our van and truck is well underway.

Morning Sun Rises at Milawa

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