Thursday, June 23, 2022

Friday July 21st

We are still camped at Arrabury Water Hole. Another fine day..luckily! Again tonight we will remain at this Water Hole. Today is not so windy so we have enjoyed a couple of walks along the water’s edge. I need to carefully manage our food supplies at present. The small Queensland towns do not always have the food stuffs that you would like. In fact they have been ‘out-of’ goods such as gas which we have little of and are  even low in fuel so planning needs to be carefully done.

It has been OK and easy to collect wood here but we have to carry our own firewood to the Dig Tree.

Tomorrow we hope to get as far as the Burke & Wills Dig Tree where we can camp and fill in some time until Monday when we  can go into Innamincka. We have been approved to cross the border into South Australia on Monday July 26th. The long drive after this will be long and quite lonely. Our plans are to travel south and try to cross the SA border into Victoria. 

Arabury Water Hole



Dead trees along Arabury Water hole


South Australia has new Covid cases so that state is now in ‘lock down'

We realised today that we camped in this spot when John Yeo was with us in 1997 (and his parents as well as Elaine & Norm Allan) We do not remember the spot at all!! It is a pity John Yeo cannot remember that trip but he was only 7 months old (a beautiful baby too!)

Gradually we are getting closer to home but there is quite a bit of travelling to do yet. Once we cross into Victoria we will feel more positive.

We are extremely hopeful that this very strong wind will slacken off this evening and tomorrow will be calm.

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