Thursday, June 23, 2022

Friday July 2nd, 2021

 We still have our camp set up at Fort Grey Camping Ground on Lake Pinaroo. During late morning we walked out to the peninsular on the lake and returned along the lake’s edge. It is quite a large lake with many birds in and around the waters. Miners, Budgerigars, Cockateels, Spoonbills and ducks. After a good 3km walk we were pleased to return to camp for lunch.

Anne & Steve Kline left us early this morning to return to Milawa after being away for over 3 weeks. We have been on tour for 2 weeks today.

The weather is again very pleasant with a slight breeze. 

The following 3 sculptures are very cleverly made and a delight to see in this north west corner of NSW. 

Western Quoll sculpture from wire netting

 Bandicoot sculpture made from wire netting 

Bilby sculpture also made from wire netting.

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