Thursday, June 23, 2022

Monday July 19th

We were able to do a little shopping in the small Super  Market in Isisford. This has replenished supplies for the next few days.

             I found it to be a very remote part of Queensland as we passed through Emmet. This is south of Longreach. As we neared Yaraka we decided to eat out lunch at the foot of Mt Slowcombe . This is a small hill with a very steep road to the top. The view of the surrounding areas is wide and interesting as you can see from my photo. The small township of Yaraka can just be seen in the left top corner. The population of Yaraka is 20 people. The population of Emmet is 2 people.

We are camped at the rear of the Yaraka Hotel where we will have a meal this evening. This has been a new and interesting day. The country is dry and shows little evidence of farming activities.

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