Thursday, June 23, 2022

Saturday July 3rd 2021

 Another clear sky with a temperature of 2.2 degrees. Again we were glad of the heater in our van. At about 9.00am we set off to visit Cameron Corner which acts as the joint corner for Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales. We have been here a couple of times before…in fact I have a photo of John Yeo, at 7 months sitting on Cameron Corner Post. We visited the shop and took some photos at the corner post and travelled east to Fortville Gate  where we enjoyed our lunch. We had actually camped here in August 2006.

June at the corner post at Camerons Corner

 After arriving back at the Fort Grey Camping Ground we went for  2.8km walk along the lake but in the opposite direction to where we went yesterday. Walks are good for me, but they do make me weary!!

We are now settling in for the 3rd night at this very attractive, treed campsite.

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